e.control™ - Ergonomics pays off!

Comfort implies productivity

Your employees reflect the potential of your company and their readiness to perform costitutes the basis for success. Scientific studies show that already since the end of the sixties it has been possible to attain a 15% increase in productivity through an ideal working enviroment compared with average ambient conditions. These are primarily due to parameters which can be perfectly influended by a room automation system like e.control: lighting, temerature and the quality of air. This implies that a room automation system should be as much a natural part of an office as ergonomic furniture, also for reasons of productivity.

Focusing on employees' needs

For e.control, your employees are what count: They can individually decide about the desired room conditions, for example, the room temperature. In the background, e.control in parallel ensures glare-free working, sufficient illuminance and the maintenance of room temperature or the quality of air. In addition to all this comfort, the users have full control during their stay in the room because they can manually override every single function at the control device. This ability to individually influence the room conditions guarantees a high degree of acceptance and satisfaction.

Totally automatic comfort levels

e.control manages the sunblinds, the lighting, the heating and cooling system and the ventilation simultaneously and thus guarantees optimum comfort through correct tuning. For this purpose, even opposing requirements such as antiglare proteciton and daylight maximisation have to be solved depending on the room and weather conditions. This is something wich only an integrated system can handle with success, a system which moreover also has functions that are perfectly tuned to one another namely e.control!