e.control™ - Stability through customization!

Nothing is as constant as change 

You want your building to adapt itself to the changing requirements of different tenants and of new process and work organisations. The configuration and utilisation of the area also changes accordingly. For example, what was still an open-plan office yesterday is supposed to accommodate individual offices tomorrow. However, how flexibly can the installed technology keep up with this change? While in conventional technology this invariably results in a cable clutter and can by far not be achieved with most automation systems, in e.control this is fully integrated: the maximum axis-related flexibility of utilisation.

Flexibility as a concept

e.control is the only room automation system which is designed from the outset in such a way that each building axis can be operated autonomously. The grouping of axex to rooms is carried out via software and can be varied by you at any time. Consequently, no changes are required to be made to the hardware and cabling during the entire service life of the building, and both the conversion costs as well as the idle times can be clearly reduced. In addition, e.control stands out because of an unattainably high functional scope wich is perfectly suited to the axis-oriented flexibility concept.

Maintaining the overview 

So that you as the owner can benefit from the advantages of flexibility, spega offers a revolutionary software solution with the e.control Manager. The operation, the setting of parameters and even the redesigning of areas is conducted using a mouse on a planimetric graphical interface, completely dispensing with the need for specialist knowledge. Thus e.control is the only system wich gives you full control of all functions of your building. 

Open for new things 

e.control masters even the technical conversion of your building in course of time without any effort. The modular structure of system components makes it possible to easily replace actuators and sensors. For example, a switchable lighting can be upgraded to a constant light controller by replacing the switchable modules by dimmable ones and adding multisensors to the rooms. What's more, in the e.control Manager you retain control also over the new functions.