Delta Dore Spega – sharing our passion, experience and expertise with you!

Teamwork is the key to developing successful solutions. And so it is at Delta Dore Spega GmbH:

Customer benefit is the top priority for our Development department. Our products are there to improve the sustainability of buildings from an ecological, economic and functional point of view.

Our focus in terms of sales is as consistent as it is with development. Our Sales team comprises specialists with many years’ experience in the project planning of room automation systems. Consequently, we can provide information to building owners and investors on the sustainability and cost benefits of room automation, be an expert contact for technical planners in the specification of automation functions which conform to standards, as well as support our systems integrators in their projects with our know-how and short reaction times. It is this partnership, built on a fair and long-term approach, that we believe is the key to a successful future.

To ensure this partnership really does remain strong over the long term, our Production department continuously looks after quality assurance and the on-time delivery of our products.