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Thank you for visiting Delta Dore Spega. If it's outstanding solutions for all aspects of room automation you're looking for, then you've come to the right place. We have been a key innovator in this field for more than sixxteen years now.

Our e.control room automation system enables customers to meet the demands of a modern building such as energy efficiency, flexibility of use and ergonomics - and really cost-effectively, too. The system ranks as one of the most comprehensive and functional of its kind and also complies with the most stringent requirements of EN 15232 and VDI 3813.

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dialog Web - new perspectives in operation!

The e.control dialog Web internet server is trail-blazing in the interaction between the user and room automation. more ...

Deemed by the jury an exemplary energy saving solution, it was e.control's more than 50 configurable room automation functions for lighting, sunblinds and room climate control, covering the entire scope of the German VDI 3813 standard, which made it stand out. What's more, e.control also features all the room-related functions set out in DIN EN 15232, with the result that energy efficiency class A is achieved in every building, meaning potential savings of up to 50 percent in the use of cooling, heating and lighting energy.

"Furthermore, spega's e.control system has already proved its worth in a host of other reference projects. It has helped many buildings achieve certification to DGNB or LEED", said jury member Volker Röhl as part of the award presentation.