tactio - room control quality you can feel!

tactio from Delta Dore Spega is the epitome of consummate room control. The high-quality optics with a real glass surface in white and black are the ideal complement to a stylish interior. A graphic colour display with a 320x 240 point resolution shows information on all room statuses, with all room functions controlled by simply touching the capacitive buttons.

tactio S is operated via touch buttons on the glass surface of the colour graphic display. This is where setpoint adjustments are made or the lights and sunblinds controlled. Logging in and out of a room is performed via the touch sensor of the aluminium function clip. An internal temperature sensor also provides the integrated room climate controller with the required actual temperature reading. The graphic display shows the room temperature, setpoint, fan stage, date and time. What's more, all relevant controller statuses are graphically displayed.

tactio L features the same functional scope as tactio S, however it also offers 8 additional touch fields below the function clip. The fields can be assigned to various control functions either individually or in pairs. A backlit display screen means the user always has clear information.

In line with our function design philosophy, tactio S and tactio L have integrated room climate controllers for all static heating and cooling systems, fan coils or VVS systems including air quality control, thermo control and night cooling, so there is no need for external individual room controllers. The application complies with VDI 3813-2 and, in addition to the functions already mentioned, features energy level selection with optimum start, parameterisable sequences for heating, cooling and fans with free allocation of positioning signals via network variables for adaptive control of all hydraulic connection concepts, including 6-way valves and a load feedback signal for controlling the supply temperature as required. The application therefore meets all the requirements of energy efficiency class A in accordance with DIN EN 15232.

For parameterisation purposes, spega offers system integrators– as with all e.control controllers – productive plug-ins, which enable the copying of parameters to other project control devices and visualisation for test purposes, as well as allowing the setting and adjustment of all functions.