clima LCD, RCM and RO - switches are becoming intelligent!

The selection of control elements is determined by functional and design requirements. For this reason, the switch manufacturers such as Berker, Gira, Jung or Merten offer numerous design variations of pushbuttons, sockets and other installation devices. The aim of the clima LCD, clima RCM, clima RO and lumina T6 e.control systems is to make these standard switching programs usable for room automation and thus ensure a standard appearance for the control elements, data technology and sockets.

The clima LCD, clima RCM and clima RO room climate controllers have a temperature sensor for measuring the room temperature and an application for controlling all conventional heating and cooling systems such as radiators, cooled ceilings or fan coils with a 2 or 4-pipe system. The software has the controller functions Off, Auto, Heating, Cooling, Pre-cooling and Night cooling as well as the ability to switch between the Comfort, Standby and Economy energy levels. The controllers send the output signals direct to corresponding actuators, e.g. to the M or R series e.control actuators. Alternatively, there are also versions available comprising integrated actuators for static or fan-assisted systems. All three controllers are designed to operate in combination with the type 55 design from the above-mentioned manufacturers and are available in the colours pure white and aluminium.

Whilst clima RO has no control functions due to it being used primarily in public areas, e.g. classrooms or halls, clima RCM offers a setting adjustment dial as well as the option of an occupancy pushbutton and a button for setting the fan speed, including the corresponding LEDs. Both systems have additional binary inputs which can accommodate standard pushbuttons to operate the lighting and sunblinds.

An LC display on the clima LCD shows the user all the necessary data and statuses such as room temperature, setpoint, fan stage, time as well as various controller statuses. These are adjusted by means of 4 pushbuttons whose functions can be freely assigned. clima LCD can also be combined with up to 4 pushbuttons for operating the lighting and sunblinds.

The lumina T6 pushbutton interface allows conventional light and sunblind pushbuttons for room automation purposes to be used. Up to 6 pushbuttons can be operated on one interface. With this application, the functions for switching the light on or dimming it, operating or turning the sunblind as well as retrieving or saving scenes can be freely assigned. Furthermore, lumina T6 has 2 transistor outputs for operating the check-back or orientation  lights in the pushbuttons. The geometry of the pushbutton interface is designed such that the latter can be fitted in any flush-type or hollow-wall box behind any pushbutton, two or multi-button station.

As is standard with Delta Dore Spega, all systems have productive plug-ins, which, in addition to easy setting, also allow the copying of parameters to other systems as well as the visualisation of network variables to assist during set-up.