dialog 1 - room automation at its best!

Room automation unifies previously separated systems such as lighting and sunblind controls, as well as HVAC. To ensure that all synergies are fully utilised, these systems communicate via the high-performance LON bus system.

Where users once found thermostats, light switches and sunblind controls of various designs and different operating sequences, today there is one integrated room control panel which allows straightforward interaction between the user and the automation system.

The dialog 1 room control panel meets these requirements perfectly. Thanks to its timeless design, a particularly high-quality finish of anodised aluminium and the wall-hugging installation, the device fits perfectly into the architecture of modern buildings. The intuitive operation via a turn/press button with menu makes it easy to handle the room automation system.

The room control panel has a white illuminated LC display, a real time clock, 3 coloured LEDs and a buzzer. A temperature sensor for measuring the room temperature is also integrated into it. Not only are application programs available for the device without a room temperature controller for communication with separate LON individual room controllers from other manufacturers, but so are programs with controllers for radiators, chilled ceilings and fan coils. The applications with controllers have all the special room climate control functions and are particularly suitable for use in flexible e.control room automation systems.

All applications have an intuitive log-on and log-off function, which is operated by a simple press of the button. In both cases, it is possible to save the status, which the room automation components should adopt, in the form of scenarios. For example, when entering the room, you only have to press a button to switch the temperature controller to "Comfort", to activate the daylight controller and to switch the sunblinds to sun tracking mode. When you leave the room, the controller is again switched to standby mode, the lighting switched off and the sunblinds operated via the integrated thermo controller.

What's more, 10 favourites can be saved on the display which enable direct operation of all essential functions without having to select the corresponding menu.

The panel offers menus for setting the setpoint temperature, operating mode (comfort, standby and economy), controller function (off, auto, heat, cool) and fan stages with a timer program for the operating mode. Furthermore, lamps can be switched on, off or dimmed, sunblinds, ventilation flaps or windows positioned and scenes called up or saved.

In order to ensure that the user sees only what he requires, the menu can be individually adapted by plug-in and the texts modified. Moreover, each menu entry can be password-protected or completely hidden. Lighting duration, contrast and the time, date and temperature display can also be selected. Since the control panel dispenses with imprinted or engraved symbols, it is ideally suited for modifications or extensions as only the menu has to be adjusted in these cases via the plug-in.