dialog 8 - combines all the functions!

Delta Dore Spega’s dialog 8 is completely at home in representative rooms with high levels of functionality. The high quality optics in two shades of colours – pure white and aluminium – which can also be combined with a stainless steel or glass frame – further highlights the character of the room.

The control panel features a white screen for displaying the room and desired temperature, the time and date as well as various control statuses. An integrated temperature sensor also records the room temperature. The panel has 8 pushbuttons, which can be freely configured, for setpoint changing, occupancy sensing, fan stage adjustment as well as for operating lighting circuits, blinds or windows and for managing scenes. All pushbuttons have LEDs which serve as a status display. For rooms with more extensive equipment, a model featuring 4 additional pushbuttons is also available. These can also be freely configured, but are particularly suitable for adjusting the fan stages or setpoints or as an occupancy switch. All control switches can be used individually or in pairs for a particular function, which can be quickly read off on the large backlit display screen. Depending on the pushbutton function, the LEDs can display various statuses.

As is usual for spega control systems, applications with or without integrated room temperature controller are also available for dialog 8. In this way, the system can also be equally used in flexible e.control room automation systems, as well as in combination with external controllers. Applications with the controller can be selected to support static heating and cooling systems, such as radiators or heated/cooled ceilings or fan coils. Of course, the controllers also offer the wide range of functions for which spega is known, including free night cooling or summer compensation.

The sunblind thermo control integrated into all applications takes control of the sunblinds when leaving the room, thus ensuring that the heating or cooling of the room (if sunlight penetrates the room) is supported.

Assembly of the control panel is extremely easy, since the base with LON connection - which is standard for all systems - is fitted in a conventional hollow-wall or flush-type box. The panel can be then be attached – in the desired colour and with the selected number of pushbuttons – to this base element.