dialog Web - new perspectives in operation!

IP integration via webbrowser...
... or via IP phone

The e.control dialog Web internet server is trail-blazing in the interaction between the user and room automation. Everyday work aids such as a telephone or PC become the central interface in the operation of automation functions. Via web technologies such as HTML and XML users can carry out all control functions such as setting the desired temperature, energy level and fan setting through their PC’s web browser – regardless of the operating system installed – or via an IP-compatible telephone with display. In this way, lamps can of course be switched on and off or dimmed, sunblinds, ventilation flaps or windows positioned and scenes called up.

From the point of view of system integration, dialog Web represents a device with a maximum of 150 virtual room control devices which can be designed as simply as any other e.control room control device. On the LON side the server has its own Ethernet connection with which it is integrated into the automation backbone. As is usual at Delta Dore Spega, parameterisation of the entire functionality is achieved via productive plug-ins, making it possible to work online or offline.

The integration into the IP infrastructure of the users is achieved via a separate Ethernet connection. In this way, the server is also brilliantly suited for use in buildings with several rented units in which there is a strict division between the building automation backbone and the respective LANs of the tenants. Access for administering user rights and presentation features is also gained through this port via web browser. The login, password and access to various rooms can be administered for each user. What’s more, this access is used for updating layout templates for all control functions and rooms. This allows the user interface to be largely adapted to the requirements of the users and to the corporate design of the company.

In addition to the web licences which grant access via web browser, dialog Web also supports the integration of IP-compatible telephones with display for XML applications (e.g. Siemens OpenStage or Cisco Unified IP Phones) via additional licences which are available separately. The administration takes place in the same way via the web access on the user side as described above. The administration of the telephone number assigned to the telephone is sufficient as an identifier for the room and user assignment. In both cases licences are required for each room, regardless of the number of users, and can be extended at any time.

In buildings or rented spaces with more than 150 rooms several dialog Web servers can be operated in sync with each other, such that the administration does not differ from that of a server.

dialog Web is ideally suited to architectures where conventional control devices are not wanted, be it from aesthetic point of view or for reasons of flexibility of use. Since control is taken over by PC or telephone, only those sensors required remain visible in the room.

In highly energy-efficient buildings, these are the temperature measurement and occupancy sensing functions which are covered by inconspicuous devices such as clima RO or dialog RC-T in combination with an e.control multisensor.

The server is installed either on the DIN rail of a floor or system distribution board or as a rack installed in a 19” server cabinet. The necessary assembly material for DIN rail installation is enclosed and the plug-in power supply for rack installation is available optional.