lumina MS - multisensors consistently imagined

lumina MS4 for suspended ceilings
Integral measurement for common rooms
Spot measurement for workstations

Energy efficiency demands MS4

The lumina MS4 multisensor is the most important “sense organ” for an energyefficient building. Its sensors allow it to detect the current room parameters, the essential basis for any demand-oriented room automation. Since the quality of automation also ultimately depends on the quality of the multisensor, Delta Dore Spega has put consistent thought into the development of the new lumina MS4.

Adaptive presence detection

The large lens with computer-optimised segmentation, in combination with the highly efficient PIR sensor and digital signal processing, ensures that even the
smallest movements of sitting people can be reliably detected. Automatic ramp-down time adaptation also increases energy efficiency, since shorter occupancy times result in quicker returns to stand-by mode. For large rooms, the detection area can also be extended by connecting additional lumina PM presence detectors.

Variable brightness measurement

To meet a wide variety of requirements, the lumina MS4 multisensor has two sensors for measuring brightness. Spot measurement in a 30° angle is perfect for correct lighting of workstations. The second sensor measures integral room brightness as the total of all light coming into the lens, making it the right choice for the even lighting of traffic areas or other rooms. Since the result from both sensors can be mixed by software, even in the form of a continuous fader, the multisensor is ready for any room situation. Artificial light correction learned by software assistant even corrects for the frequent problem of measurement results  falsified by the lights themselves. For example, it can correct for indirect light from suspended light fixtures.

Room temperature measurement

Since the lumina MS4 multisensor has a connection for a room temperature sensor (for example built into the ceiling or as a suspended sensor), it can use its integrated controller to handle room temperature regulation for any heating or cooling system.