e.control M series - modular actuators with built-in flexibility!

Decentralised, flexible-axis room automation solutions require variable adaptation of the hardware to suit the automation requirements. Only the variable equipping of input and output channels guarantees economical combination of devices for every application.

The M series of Delta Dore Spega meets these requirements to perfection. Thanks to the modular design and the large variety of sensors and actuators for lighting, sunblinds and room climate control, the M series always offers you the right combination. A sensor/actuator combination always consists of one sistema MC LON controller and one or more modules with up to 24 channels. The modules are connected to one another and to the controller via a built-in plug-in connection. The type and number of channels can thus be freely adapted without increasing the number of LON nodes. This saves time and offers greater transparency.

Directly downstream of the sistema MC universal controller are switching and 1-10V control outputs as well as DALI controllers for 4, 8 or 16 groups for lighting applications, such as actuators for AC or DC as well as SMI or SMI LoVo motors in sunblinds. Within the M series, the room climate control system can access actuators with Triac outputs for thermoelectric or motor drives as well as analogue inputs and outputs for continuous 0-10V or 4-20mA signals for damper actuators or active sensors. Furthermore, a three-stage relay actuator is suitable for actuating fans. The new MP Bus controller is capable of controlling up to 8 bus-compatible damper or valve actuators and reading data from sensors, connected to the actuators. A binary input module for window contacts or other floating contacts completes the range.

For each hardware channel, sistema MC provides, in terms of software, a dedicated LonMark object with numerous parameters. The light outputs therefore contain, for example, switch-on and switch-off delays, a stair lighting function with switch-off prewarning and scene memory. The sunblind outputs can be adapted through numerous parameters to every sunblind system, such as blinds, awnings or shades and also possess a priority control, scene memory and functions for sun tracking and shading correction. Depending on the design, the damper actuator channels have a self-calibration, a pulse-duration modulation and a valve maintenance function.

Each channel has a productive plug-in which is suitable for comfortable setting of all parameters and for copying the parameters onto other channels, on the same as well as on other devices. Furthermore, the plug-ins considerably accelerate the data point test during commissioning through direct actuation of the output channels.

With these properties, the e.control M series is the only product series which combines the endless variability of a modular automation system with the advantages of standardised LonMark objects, thus providing extensive functionality and, at the same time, particularly quick and easy configuration.