Literature on Room Automation

Here you find useful English literature on room automation and its technologies at a glance:


LonMark Germany Magazine
This magazine is a publication by Lonmark Germany e.V. and is published quarterly in German language.
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Lonmark International Magazine
European Edition
Journal published by Lonmark International.
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EnOcean Perpetuum
Semi-annual journal published by EnOcean AG.
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DALI Manual
This manual is published by DALI-AG c/o ZVEI.
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SMI Planning Manual
This manual is published by SMI Group.
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MP-Bus Introduction
This introductory guide is a publication of Belimo Automation AG.
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Professional books:

LonWorks Installation Handbook
LonWorks in Practice for Electrical Technicians
3rd edition, 2010
Authors: Lonmark Germany and Lonmark International
ISBN 978-0-6153-7794-0
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Open Control Networks
LonWorks/EIA 709 Technology
1st edition, 2001
Authors: D. Loy, D. Dietrich, H.-J. Schweinzer
ISBN 978-0-7923-7406-0